3ID Statement on Recruitment of NPA in Various Schools

This has been the deceptive tactic of the CPP-NPA terrorist group particularly in Central and Western Visayas to recruit students as their fighters and cadres from different schools.

We would like to clarify the “red tagging issue” by the military to different schools in our Area of Responsibility (AOR). There has been no red tagging, what we are trying to deliver is a message that the CPP-NPA Terrorist is recruiting students in several schools through legal front organizations and school organizations and that we wanted to inform the school administrators, students and parents soonest as possible to prevent the students from joining the terrorist group.

We cannot give the name of these institutions though we all know that there are schools that have become a source of NPA recruits and or being used as platforms for recruitment. What we are trying to do now is to communicate with the school administrators to explain to them the deceptive way of the CPP-NPA-Terrorist group and how to prevent this kind of situation to protect the students.

Since the time CAT and ROTC became optional and was replaced by the NSTP, students became vulnerable targets of the CPP-NPA terrorist. This deception never stops and the students become easy prey of this terrorist organization. We have to push through the implementation of mandatory ROTC before our youth will continuously fall victim of recruitment. We also urge the students to be critical in joining organizations that are affiliated to terror groups.

Let us be guided that the schools have the obligation or responsibility to protect their students from any unlawful actions or events made by unlawful person or people particularly the CPP-NPA terrorist group.

We, the Army, as an institution have sworn to protect the people and uphold the law and in doing these, we always respect the rights of every person, adhere the Rule of Law and International Humanitarian Law. Rest assured that your Army in Central and Western Visayas will continuously protect the rights of the youth, and the students for them to live a peaceful and better life as what their parents have always
wanted for them. ###

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