The Spearhead Transformation Roadmap

Strategy RoadmapBy virtue of a Letter Directive from Headquarters Philippine Army (HPA) dated 04 February 2014, the Headquarters 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division was tasked to organize and establish the Governance and Strategy Management Office (GSMO) in order to address the need for smooth and unhindered implementation of the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR). The GSMO was officially launched on 09 April 2014 with the initial core functions focused on Cascading the ATR, Scorecard Development, Performance Management, Strategy Evaluation, and Strategic Communication in crafting the 3rd Infantry Division Transformation Roadmap (3IDTR).The 3IDTR is an initiative of the Spearhead Division that seeks to embrace genuine transformation found on good governance that will permeate from the Operational level down to the lowest Tactical unit of the Division. Consequently, the 3IDTR serves as a robust basis for the Spearhead’s immediate and long-term organization and capability thrusts with its 11 Strategic Objectives outlined from the 3 Strategic Themes.


Army Governance Pathway

In partnership with the 3ID Multi-Sector Advisory Board (MSAB), the Spearhead Division connected the Army’s Performance Governance System (PGS) as the framework that governs the formulation and execution of the 3IDTR. In line with program, the 3ID Command pursued and hurdled successfully the PGS Initiated and Compliant Stages, the first two stages of the four-stage Governance Pathway, by producing a Division-wide strategic plan for transformation and aligning key aspects of the organization, with this the 3IDTR had been recognized lately by the HPA.

In order to ensure that we will attain our Army Vision to be a “world-class Army that is a source of national pride” by 2028, we need to make sure that we will be able to execute and implement the 3IDTR to its fullest. To do this, we must build on the gains made during the PGS Compliant Stage by cascading the 3IDTR and aligning the entire Spearhead organization to the roadmap. In this regard, the alignments through the following episodes are still on the process until such time that the Institutionalized Status will be conferred by HPA.

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