Qualification and Requirements (for Enlistment)

Recruiting unit shall strictly adhere tp the following qualifications:

1)         Order of priority for candidates in filling-up the CS quota:

(a)       Qualified professionals;

(b)       Graduates of MS43 and Advance ROTC;

(c)        College Graduate;

(d)       With 72 units and up in college;

(e)       High School graduate but MUST have technical/ vocational skills needed by the AFP. Technical/vocational sills shall be supported by a certification from the employer of at least one (1) year work experience excluding On-the-Job-Training; and,

2)         Basic criteria/qualifications for CS applicants:

(a)       Natural born Filipino citizens;

(b)       AT least 18 years old and MUST NOT BE 27 YEARS OLD ON OR BEFORE THE DATE OF APPOINTMENT AS CANDIDATE SOLDIER no more age waiver shall be issued by the Command;

(c)        At least 5’0” or 6’0” inches in height; HEIGHT WAIVER SHALL NOT BE GRANTED ANYMORE;

(d)       Unmarried and without a child;

(e)       Of good moral character, and,

(f)        Should have no tattoo marks (including erased ones).


  • Pay and allowances(Monthly Gross)

    • Candidate Soldier – P 13,326.00

    • Private (Enlisted Personnel) – P19,062.00

    • Officer Candidate – P29,007.00

    • 2LT (Call to Active Duty) – P32,668.00

  • Insurance and healthcare Benefits

  • Billeting and housing privileges

  • Job security

  • Leadership and other skills trainings

  • Opportunity for career advancement based on performance

  • Opportunities for Post graduate Studies both within the country and abroad

  • An opportunity to lead in the Army.


AC of S for Personnel, G1
Camp Gen Macario B Peralta Jr, Jamindan, Capiz
Mobile Number: 09981696387 / 09275643997

2 Responses to Qualification and Requirements (for Enlistment)

  1. Rannel Marvin Fernandez says:

    good day mam/sir, ask ko po kung ano yung mga steps pagkatapos ng AFSAT. nkpasa n po ako, CSC po aaplayan ko college grad at my advance ROTC.

    Looking forward for your positive response, thank you and god bless.

  2. anonymous says:

    Is it possible for a single Mother to join the Philippine Army? because i know someone who has a child and was able to take the exam and passed.. she will start her training this coming december 2016.. her name is JOEMARIE SABALDE NILLAMA..

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